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our fab story

Lashes and Eyes have always been a huge part of our lives and working in the beauty industry for over 15 years meant we could indulge in our love of enhancing everything about our eyes, face and nails

Maintenance has always been a hassle, sometimes we run out of time, missing maintenance appointments for salon lashes or just simply running out of money during a hectic month.

Magnetic lashes then came into our lives and wow flipped us on our heads and gave us freedom, many many different looks sometimes in one day if we wanted and NO maintenance.

Now we can have the beauty salon professional look instantly

changing the look as many times as we want

Paired with our stunning array of masks and we are ready for this new world we are in.

We are so excited to share these easy fabulous lash and mask kits with you and making it even better

NO animal products or testing. Our lashes are synthetic or silk .

we believe mink lashes should stay on a mink.

 eco sustainable as possible is our main drive lets be beautiful in a sustainable world.

we are Lash and Mask by Luisa and Sarah 

join us on our new exciting beautiful lash and mask journey 

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