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  • Can i re-use my magnetic eyelashes
    Yes you can re use your magnetic eyelashes over and over. Gently clean your lashes between each use so it is free from the eyeliner used on previous application and the magnets should work over and over
  • Are the lashes animal and cruelty free ?
    Yes all our lashes are free from any animal products or any animal testing. All our lashes are handmade and as a company we have a strong ethic to make everything as envirnomentally friendly as we can.
  • How do i remove magnetic eyelashes
    You can easily remove the lashes straight after applying them if you change your mind and want i different look of lash - no problem pain free and easy hold the end of the lashes on the outside and gently pull. This will release the magnet from the magnetic eyeliner . You can then apply a different lash or wipe your eyes clean with makeup remover. gently clean the lashes free from the eyeliner and they will be ready to re use again. if you do want to reapply a new lash you may want to add a thin line of eyeliner for a better magnetic grip.
  • My eyelashes will not stick
    Shake the eyeliner firmly for afew seconds wipe away and excess eyeliner you may have already applied apply a line of eyeliner wait to dry 3 minutes apply a 2nd line of eyeliner ontop of the first line and wait to dry 3 minutes using your lash applicator or your fingers apply magetc side of lash to the eyeliner this should adhere staright away if your eyelashes still will not stick clean your eyelash extension and try again this can take afew times of practise to get the position right
  • Can i sleep in my eyelashes?
    Sleeping in your eyelashes is not advised. to keep your lashes at their best remove lashes before bed and gently clean ready for another great day of lash wearing.
  • What do i do if my skin becomes sore from using the magnetic eyeliner
    The magnetic eyeliner may not be suitable for everyone and if you do have very sensitive skin we reccommend doing a patch test before using. To do a patch test apply a small amount of eyeliner in the crease of your forearm and leave for a good 12 - 24 hrs. This is to see if your skin has any irritation or redness. If no reaction or redness go ahead and apply eyeliner and eyelashes. Any soreness, swelling or eye irritation from wearing the eyeliner and lashes stop wearing immediately and wash your eyes taking off the eyeliner and eyelashes and please seek medical guidance should this occour.
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