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A new journey

With this new world and #technology being a massive part of our lives embracing it can be overwhelming at times and yet everyone seems to get on well with it . So here we go in our new blog

At least I am writing this with my #magneticeyelashes on which instantly makes me feel glam and better about my new daily routines.

The #journey of #onlineshopping and getting it right I am sure will be a process will be fun and traumatic all at the same time.

Have you been in the same situation where you are trying to do something you think will be easy and before you know it your shouting why will this not work and ready to walk off and never enter this task again (,a bit dramatic I know) .

At least now when I do go out to the supermarket or for a walk i #Iook good with my magnetic eyelashes and #face #

mask it might be a small thing but it makes my day brighter.

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